Feel free to browse my schedule. I travel all year. If you find a date that works for you just go to my booking page and set up a date. Click on the Subscribe button and you can have my schedule with you always.


Chicago, IL.  Jun 9th to Jun 12th

Schaumburg, IL. Jun12th to Jun 13th

Chicago, IL. Jun 13th to Jun 16th

Cleveland, OH.  Jun 17th to Jun 19th

Columbus, OH.  Jun 19th to Jun 20th

Monroeville, PA.  Jun 20th to Jun 21st

Robinson, PA.  Jun 21st to  Jun 23rd

Buffalo, NY.  Jun 23rd to Jun 24th

Syracuse, NY.  Jun 24th to Jun 25th

Albany, NY.   Jun 25th to Jun 26th

Waltham, MA. Jun 26th to Jun 28th

Boston,  MA.  Jun 28th to Jun 30th

Harford, CT.  Jun 30th to July 2nd

New Haven, CT.  Jul 2nd to Jul 3rd.

Break July  3rd  to Jul 14th 

New York City, NY.  Jul 15th to Jul 17th

Long Island, NY.  Jul 17th to Jul 20th

White Plains,  NY.  Jul 20th to Jul 21st

Rutherford, NJ.  Jul 21st to Jul 24th 

Cherry Hill, NJ.   Jul 24th to Jul 25th

Parsippany,  NJ.  Jul 25th to Jul 26th

KOP, PA.  Jul 26th to Jul 29th

Harrisburg,  PA.  Jul 29th to Jul 30th

BWI, MD.  Ju. 30th to Jul 31st

Tyson’s Corner, VA.  Jul 31st to Aug  2nd

DC.  Aug 2nd to Aug. 4th

Richmond, VA.  Aug 4th to Aug 6th

Virginia Beach, VA.  Aug 6th to Aug 8th

Break  Aug 8th to Aug 17th

Chicago, IL. Aug 17th to Aug 24th

…more dates coming soon!!!