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Feel free to browse my schedule. I travel all year. If you find a date that works for you just go to my booking page and set up a date. Click on the Subscribe button and you can have my schedule with you always.

Seattle, WA. Jun 21st to Jun 24th
Bellevue, WA. Jun 24th to Jun 26th
Tri-Cities, WA. Jun 26th to Jun 28th
Portland, OR. Jun 28th to Jun 29th
Bend, OR. Jun 29th to July 1st
Sacramento , CA. Jul 2nd to July 4th
Reno, NV. Jul 5th to Jul 7th
San Francisco, CA. Jul 7th to 9th
San Jose, CA. Jul 9th to Jul 13th
Monterey, CA. Jul 13th to Jul 15th
Fresno, CA. Jul 15th to Jul 16th






Santa Barbara, CA. Jul 16th to Jul 18th
Santa Monica, CA. Jul 18th to Jul 19th
Irvine, CA. Jul 19th to Jul 21st
Vegas, NV. Jul 22nd
Salt Lake City, UT. Jul 22nd to Jul 24th
Bozeman, MT. Jul 24th to Jul 26th
Billings, MT. Jul 26th to Jul 27th
Minneapolis, MN. Jul 28th to Jul 30th
Schaumburg, IL. Jul 30th to Aug 1st
Oak Brook, IL. Aug 1st to Aug 2nd
Chicago Downtown. Aug 2nd to Aug 5th

…more dates coming soon!!! 

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