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Why Me?

“Simply Irresistible!!!”

“My wife thinks that my therapist is having a positive effect on me. She just does not know Christie is my therapist…LOL.”

“Christie is addictive.”

“Her pictures do not do her justice and she has great ones.”

“She is my ATF.”

“Best ass in the business.”

“After today, my ass hurts like never before. When I try to sit I only think of you”

“She told me to have my Wheaties before meeting. Now I am telling you..Make sure you have your Wheaties.”

“You will not find anyone like her.”

“Best lover ever.”

“You made me do things I was too embarrassed to ask for.”

“Get ready for non stop action.”

“Best kisser Ever!!!”

“I spent the most erotic time of my life with Christie.”

“Christie is a walking wet dream”

“Christie is, without a doubt the Full Package.”

“I use to go to see a therapist twice a month till I met Christie. Now I only see her.”

“Christie possess an amazing personality, extraordinary good looks and incredible skills.”

“Best experience ever!!!”

“Christie, you saved my marriage.”

“I have never found anyone as open minded and accepting as her.”

“She is a dangerous combination of beauty, passion and intelligence.”

“ Christie has done things to me I never knew I would enjoy”

Thank god she doesn’t live here…otherwise, I would be broke and in trouble.”

“Christie has spoiled me for life. No one comes close to her.”

“I will keep coming back for more of her.”

“Careful what you wish for. Christie not only delivers. She will exceed your expectations.”

“She made me feel like I was a teenager again.”

“Four pops in one hour. Are you fucking kidding me?”

“I have done things with Christie I never even dreamt about.”

“Sit back and enjoy the ride of your life.”

“WARNING…You will never be the same after Christie.”

“ I have never had a second one in years and I have never had a third one EVER!!!”

“ Christie loves who she is. I have never met anyone loves what she does more than her.”

“ Christie treated me like a King.”

“ She is the most professional, most caring and considerate provider i have ever met.”

“I love her wetness.”

“My balls are bleeding and swollen, but I am still dreaming about you” WOW!!!

“Christie has the sexiest and most adorable accent.”

“Christie is the true Girl Friend Experience.”

“ I felt like I was in a porn movie”

“As a first timer, I was a nervous wreck. Within seconds she set me at ease.”

“I never found a provider so enthusiastic about role playing.”

“Christie is that long lost lover you can always count on to return.”

“I cannot wait till you come back”

“I love Christie.”

“I love to watch your face when I make you orgasm”

“The more I see her, the more I want her”

“I can explore all my fantasies with her”

“Christie pretty much, single handed, took care of my bucket list.”

“She puts the Energizer bunny to shame”.

“I get excited when I get her email that she is coming to town.”

“Best communication skills”

“ I would have to say, Christie is one of the most articulate and interesting persons I know.”

“Christie is 5 Star in every way.”

“My new happy place is being with Christie”

“Do not let her sweet demeanor fool you. Inside lurks a powerful woman who can fuck you into another dimension.”

“I cannot get Christie out of both my heads.”

“No one tastes like you.”

“She made me feel like the most special person in her life.”

“With Christie, I feel like a kid in a candy store.”

‘I have seen Christie many times and I am only half way through her menu”

“Please come back soon”

“Yes I am biases, who can i not be…No one has ever made me feel like she has.”

“Christie is a freak of nature.”

“Christie beat the shit out of me. Then again, I asked her too. Great Job!!!”

“Christie fixed my marriage. All I need is to get a hard on is think about her.”

“No body fucks me like you…Thank you!!!!!!!!”

“Hot damn Christie…No body gets me like you!”

“No judgment and complete acceptance. Thank you for letting me express myself with you”.

“You are fucking incredible. You are also one incredible fuck!”

“No one smells nor tastes like you.”

“I cannot wait to see you again.”

“Ohhh my God…Are you fucking kidding me?”

“You made me suck a real cock today…Thank you for showing me how.”

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