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I am sure, by now, you have seen that I love what I do. In fact, I feel blessed to have this opportunity. I am committed to being the best because my heart is filled with infinite gratitude.

“It is not work when you can earn a living doing something you love.”

I tour the world and I am always available to perform in, film and produce adult entertainment. I can produce any straight, bi or gay content in any country around the globe for anyone and do it at a fixed cost contract basis. My calendar is always up to date and at least a month or two out in advance. I have, at all times, a photographer and shooter with me with all the gear to get any job done and done right.

If you are a producer with an adult label and seek a talent that can not only star in your productions but also drive enough traffic to recover your expenses and a suitable profit, here I am. That’s right….Give me a try. I guarantee your investment.

For established and aspiring adult stars, I would love to work with you on a TFC basis (Trade for Content). As adult site operators we are always in need of new content, check out my calendar and I will gladly make the time to shoot with you and cover all location and shooting expenses. You can script it or I can do it to make something spectacular. At the end of our shoot, I will give you a copy of all the raw footage. If you need someone to do the editing, I have someone I can recommend to you that loves his work as much as I do mine. (Website Design & Development and Photography & Video)

I love it when everyone wins.

I have a huge base of fans and I will provide on this site a link back to all my business partner’s, TFC buddies’ and talent’s websites to help promote our unique form of art.

I am also always looking for new talents and and constantly recruiting for myself and others.

All Inquiries are welcome.

Best way to contact me will be here or through and

Talent Inquiries – Please submit your pictures as follows

  • Front Nude
  • Back Nude
  • Sides Nude
  • Erect Penis
  • Open Leg
  • Snowballing
  • Face

Also, please send a list of what you are willing to do and not willing to do in a shoot. Keep in mind, the world will see this material. If you are not up to showing your face, then do not bother. I would not like to waste your time.

Health Testing

Curent Lab Tests are always on hand and available. I only use and accept testing performed by Adult Talent Testing.

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